“Malnutrition is one of the world’s most serious, but least-addressed development challenges. Its human and economic costs are enormous, falling hardest on the very poor, women and children. Malnutrition undermines progress towards achieving the World Bank Group twin goals of reducing poverty and promoting shared prosperity. The economic costs of undernutrition, in terms of lost national productivity and economic growth, are significant—ranging from 2 to 3% of GDP in some countries and up to 11% of GDP in Africa and Asia each year.” World Bank
In the world, there are innumerable food programs to fight hunger worldwide; but, the current health and nutritional situation leads many questions. Local Non-Profit Organizations need to be supported to make a significant improvement in the local level. Since the large investment at the central level prevents the real target “population in need” from getting what they deserve; therefore, the consequence is the increase of the poverty and the malnutrition.